Check IP address reputation via API.

Checking the visitor's IP (IPv4 & IPv6) address for spam, scam, bot activity, scraping, fraud, phishing, viruses, malware, proxy, VPN and other malicious activities.

Bad IP addresses are addresses recently seen in illegal activity, website parsing & analysis, including dedicated servers, data center, web hosting, TOR, proxy, VPN, search engine spider & other bots.

Good IP addresses are the addresses of real human not seen in bot activity.

Price (repeated requests within 30 minutes are not counted)

  • 10 requests = FREE
  • 10,000 requests = $15 ($0.0015 per request)
  • 50,000 requests = $50 ($0.001 per request)
  • 100,000 requests = $150 ($0.0015 per request)
  • 500,000 requests = $250 ($0.0005 per request)

There is a ready-made php code example with which you can immediately start using the API.

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